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Posted on 2007.04.02 at 03:53
So the new girl did the audit and everything faster and better than any trainee I've had in like forever (and I've had a new every week for the past five. It was just awesome. I'm not gonna invest any EMOTIONAl energy into her until I know if she's sticking around, though. She's supposed to work all week with me, so if she shows up Wednesday night, then we're past the cursed period.

for some reason, people have a hard fucking time showing up the 4th time they're scheduled. Almost always the 4th time. They'll come the first three and everything will be fine and dandy and then they go retarded or die and we just never hear from them again. WTF? This job is not that hard, not that bad, not THAT boring. It is boring, but you can find stuff to do. Seriously. Even if it's not work. Whatever. But this new girl said her other job's not that boring, so she's like this one to be. And she did the audit and erverything well enough that I know she doesn't feel overwhelmed. She understood HOW to do things as well as WHY she was doing them. That's significant. She figured out which button was reports (it's the one that looks like a bunch of papers!). So like I said, common sense... which is lovely. She, like everyone else, will have problems with the "DB" column on the Accounting Sheet, but that was the ONLY warning flag that popped up. I really should show you again, Lizzy, cause I KNOW you'll get it now. And then maybe if I die it won't be wrong til the end of time. (Sue doesn't even do it right. I mean, HONESTLY!)

Yeah, so there's that. I mad eher be responsible for the phone and she's okay with putting it on Night 2 and remembering to put it back.

The one thing that drives me crazy about Kim (she's fixed everything else that did irk me) is she'll make the keys early and, it doesn't even bother me that she makes them for the wrong number of days - she's making them early and forgets to add a day - but she puts them in some random fucking order. It takes less time to make new keys than to find them.

So... is it May 19th yet? Please?


The Arch Dandy
kandi2813 at 2007-04-02 13:21 (UTC) (Link)
ya, i know i'm retarded about that column. i swear to god, i know what i'm supposed to look for, i'm just too lazy to do it. that was the part of the evening (the nights i trained) that i always had a little panic attack. numbers don't like me very much at all, i'm afraid. =p
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